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EMBC Boating Pond

Inverleith Pond was constructed as a model boating pond in the 1890's. It has a puddle clay base and a surrounding tarmac walkway

with several concrete jetties where Club members tend to congregate. Some public benches are adjacent but it might be worthwhile to bring your own chair if you are going to be spending an afternoon sailing! The pond covers an area of 7,500 square metres - roughly 150 metres long by 50 metres wide. The sloping bank in the foreground was once a bird sanctuary and it is believed that the birds that sought refuge here may have brought over the seeds that today cause a seasonal Canadian Pondweed problem.

The pond is approximately 2 feet deep at its edges increasing to about 3 feet in the middle - 'wader depth'! We share our pond with a number of resident swans, ducks and geese who are quite unperturbed by our activities and whose squatting rights we endeavour to respect! Maintenance of Inverleith Park is carried out by The City of Edinburgh Council, although in recent years the EMBC has undertaken a significant part of the maintenance of the boating pond.


Model Boating has always featured strongly and records exist of clubs operating here from the early 1900's, with powered model boats reported to have been operating as far back as the 1920's.

Disabled Access is good with the pond being accessible on all sides, but there are no specifically designated parking spaces adjacent. Being close to the lovely Stockbridge area there are many cafes, bars, and small specialist shops, in addition to the beautiful Edinburgh Botanic Gardens (free admission) so why not make a day of it!


  • Shops: Raeburn Place (200 metres)

  • Cafes, Pubs: Raeburn Place (200 metres)

  • Toilets: Botanic Gardens & Stockbridge (10 mins)

  • Car Parking: Portgower Place & East Fettes Avenue

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