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Club Membership


Why you should join us


  • Sailing almost every Sunday—weather permitting!

  • Meet other model makers

  • Learn to build and sail from other experienced model makers

  • Teach model making skills to others

  • Regular club meetings on Wednesday evenings in the clubhouse

  • Regattas, Fun Days and Exhibitions during the sailing season

  • Visits to other clubs and model-making shows

  • Take part in fund raising events for other organisations (including RNLI)

  • Regular News Letters

  • Family Membership Scheme (details on app form)

  • Club Public Indemnity Insurance

Club lapel badges £2.50*

Club car/box stickers £2.00*

Club shirts with stitched logo circa £10.00*

* members only


To use our Membership Form, click on the link below. The form will open in a new web page so you can print it out, complete it, and send it with payment to the address given on the form itself. Alternatively bring it to the clubhouse on a Wednesday (see directions below) and have a cuppa and a biscuit at the same time!

Press here to Download a Membership Application Form


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